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Transcription Unlimited is a medical-legal transcription company located in Dallas/Ft. Worth servicing local and national clients. At Transcription Unlimited we pride ourselves on the excellence of our transcription and our customer service and commitment to our clients.

We seek to save our clients their most precious resource, TIME! By working with our clients and their staff to streamline the entire process we can save the offices we work with literally hours on a weekly basis, as well as providing a letter-perfect product every time. The quality of your correspondence has a great impact on your reputation in the community of people you work with. In a world of diminishing writing and language skills, let Transcription Unlimited make your reporting the exception! Concise, accurate and 100% correct every time, while saving you precious hours each week.

Transcription Unlimited can also help you avoid the need to hire an employee with the associated salary and benefits, thereby increasing your revenue potential. All work is transcribed locally by our team of experienced transcriptionists. I personally am a third-generation medical transcriptionist and have spent over three decades working with multiple physicians in multiple clinical settings. Many of our clients have come to us through word-of-mouth referral based on the consistent excellence of our service and have stayed with us throughout their careers.

At Transcription Unlimited no contract is required. We prefer constant accountability for the excellence of our service. We sincerely look forward to working with you!

Tanya Deaton
Transcription Unlimited