what we do 

Transcription Unlimited offers you peace of mind.
From beginning to end, all of your information is encrypted and files are securely archived with recovery service available.




What ever you need transcribed, Transcription Unlimited can do it for you with 100% accuracy and the highest quality.

  • Medical Reports
  • Legal Documents/
  • Medical-Legal Reports
  • Workers’ Compensation Reports
  • Impairment Rating Reports
  • Business Correspondence
  • And more…ask us!


Transcription Unlimited can meet any turnaround time your office requires.


Every office has different needs based on their area of specialty and/or the length and breadth of the assignment. 


Transcription Unlimited creates efficiencies and shortcuts for you, literally saving you hours per week. 


All documents are proofread by experienced transcriptionists for 100% accuracy. 

We stake our reputation on the perfection of our work, producing a perfect and polished product from start to finish.

Profitability relies on timely and accurate transcription. Our level of experience means that we will bring any errors or omissions made in dictation to your attention, ensuring 100% accuracy.

Other services


  • Interpretation Services: Including Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more!
  • Design or incorporation of letterhead and/or forms.
  • Indefinite secure archival services for files/reports.
  • Printing and fax/courier services are available. 
  • We can facilitate and accommodate upload to an EMR (electronic medical records) system should that be required.
  •  Ask us!  We can help! We can tailor our service for what your office needs!