simple billing 

 12 cents per line*

Allow us to transcribe an introductory report for your office, FREE of charge, to see the excellence of our product! 


Billing is sent electronically via e-mail on the 1st and 15th of every month.


Invoicing includes a detailed accounting of each report transcribed and the line count.


Payments are due 10 business days after billing.


Payments accepted in the form of check or EFT.

Simple Pricing

12 cents per line*

Billing is based on the document word count.

One word equals one word, no matter the number of characters, ensuring your ability to issue professional and comprehensive documentation without being penalized for full and complete sentences, or the length of the words used such as those found in medical terminology.

Spaces/non-character space is not counted. Punctuation is included, no character count!

A line consists of six (6) words. The word count of the document is divided by six (6) to obtain the line count. 

*With electronic transmission to Transcription Unlimited and electronic return of document files to the client. Also includes 90 days of secure file archival at no additional cost.

Need it fast?

STAT and rush reports falling outside of the agreed upon turnaround time?

We can do that!


Printing and fax/courier services are available. 

Indefinite secure archival of your documents.

Please contact us regarding billing for STAT dictations and these other services.