At Transcription Unlimited we foster long-term business relationships and have worked with many physicians for multiple decades, if not the duration of their practices. 

W. Max Frankum, M.D.Medical Director and CEO
Dallas Medical Associates, P.A.

“As a practicing physician, corporate leader, and business person of over forty years, I can state without reservation that Ms. Tanya Deaton is singularly the best associate that I have ever had the pleasure with whom to work. She has tireless energy, excellent focus and the determination to see even the most difficult task(s) to successful completion. Her work product is always verbatim, error free, and presented in the most professional manner possible. Ms. Deaton consistently turned out volumes and volumes of letter perfect medical transcription for the physicians at Dallas Medical Associates on a daily basis without fail. I have never delegated a single task so large, difficult, or complex that Ms. Deaton could not promptly, efficiently and effectively complete it on or before the deadline with professionalism and alacrity. Tanya is an ambitious self-starter that is goal oriented with the critical balance of integrity, honesty, and compassion. She always does the right thing, but most importantly for the right reasons.”

Jerry L. Franz, M.D., FACS

“I thank you for your dedication, skills, and all your support and great work!”

A.J. Lanier, M.D.

“You have a unique ability to see the entire perspective and manage multiple factors simultaneously.”

Ranil R. Ninala, M.D.

“Ms. Deaton has excellent communication skills, works well with others, and is efficient, responsible and trustworthy. She always fulfills her tasks to completion and shows an invaluable ability to learn new tasks and operational procedures quickly and accurately.”  

Helga E. Quinonez
Owner/BFH Associates

“Tanya’s work ethics are beyond reproach. She leaves no stone unturned in order to get the information that she needs to complete her work. Her determination to be the best that she can be shines through her finished product. She is great with our clients, very conscientious and a pleasure to work with.”

George Heath
C-I Medical Group

“What excellent service….thank you for your consistent excellence.”